Monster Hunting Quarterly

Monster Hunter Quarterly


Monster hunters have long been glorified in the pages of short stories and novels, but there is another, almost perfect length for these adventures: the novella. A novella is just short enough to read before bed, but long enough to create atmosphere, to introduce multiple layers of complexity and to tangle characters into a knot that is truly satisfying to unwind.

Monster Hunter Quarterly is dedicated to this type of storytelling. Each volume will present exactly 4 novellas, some of which will be stand-alone tales and some of which will be continuations of our favorite character’s adventures.

Following Emby tradition, each story will feature a monster of some description or another, and at least one character who is dedicated to that monster in some way. However, this leaves a great deal of latitude for interpretation by the writer! Give us a story about an exorcist performing those ancient rites, or an occult detective on the case. Give us a reporter trying to solve a decades-old mystery, or a neighborhood where the kids have noticed something odd about the new neighbor. The possibilities are endless…

Word Limit: 17,000 to 30,000 words.
Genres: Horror, Supernatural, Adventure, Occult Detective, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy.
Payment: Each author will receive a 20% share of royalties and a paperback and ebook copy.
Published Formats: Trade Paperback and ebook.
Frequency: Will be published as filled.
Sim-subs: No – Please email me for an early response if there is another market you want to submit to as well.
Multiple subs: Yes
Reprints: Yes
Response time: 60 days