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The Vampire Hunters

Emby Press presents

Book I of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy

A vampire stalks modern day Union Station, but is unaware that someone is stalking him… Upon learning, the vampire flees, commandeering an 18 Wheeler to wreak havoc along the highways of Washington DC. It ends with the vampire roasting in a fiery crash, but for Drake Matthews and Alison Monroe, this is just one more night in the lives of THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS.

Former Boston PD, Matthews and Monroe find out the hard way that vampires are real and the two former cops are recruited by a mysterious leader to join in a private war against the undead. That war is going well until a centuries old master decides to end it by having Drake and Alison killed. What follows is a break-neck paced tale where both sides take losses and in the end, only the strongest survive.

Scott M. Baker is the author of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy and the Rotter World Trilogy.