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Sometimes one of us possesses power and ability greater than others. When we use these for the greater good, we become heroes. But it is not easy to be different, to carry the responsibility that comes with the power or to bear the burden of what else might come with it – weakness, vulnerability and the other things that must remain hidden for the power to survive…

And survive that power must, because the others are out there, lurking in the shadows. With mighty powers of their own and a thirst for mayhem, destruction, or blood, they cannot be stopped by the common man.

Only by you.

Protect your identity. Guard your weaknesses. Use the powers that only you have to fight the creatures and forces of evil as they prey upon humanity.

THE GOOD FIGHT is looking for these stories. Give us a traditional superhero, a giant fighting robot, or a child with a link to the ‘other side’. Let them protect the world against monsters large and small, inhuman or a human so subverted by evil that they are no longer one of us.

Make the fights spectacular. Make us cringe for the hero and want to fight the villain ourselves. But most of all, give great consideration as to whether or not the power that the hero holds is enough, because sometimes it isn’t…


Edited by: Miles Boothe
Submission Period: Extended Through 4/31/14
Reading Period: 5/1/14 through 5/15/14
Acceptances will be announced 5/15/14 (MOVED TO 5/31/14 DUE TO RESPONSE!)
Tentative Publication Date: Fall 2014
Payment: $25.00 and electronic copy of the book upon publication.
Word Limits: 2000 to 10,000 words. Please query if longer.
Format: Submissions should be .doc (.docx is fine) or .rtf formats. The entire text will be reformatted, so no need to worry about margins, spacing, etc. Please use a standard font.
Genres Accepted: Dark Fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. No poetry accepted for this volume.
Reprints Accepted: Yes. Please include a history of publication with your submission.
Simultaneous Subs: (submitting to Emby and another press at the same time) can be avoided by requesting an early response.
Multiple Subs: Each author may submit up to 2 stories. Only one story per author will be accepted.
Exclusive Rights: The contract will stipulate 1 year exclusive worldwide print and electronic rights. However, the contract does also state that under certain circumstances, Emby Press will consider granting permission to the author to place the story with additional publications.
Submit stories here: Submit to Emby Press