Coppertown Red

Emby Press presents

Book I of The Hand That Feeds Trilogy:
Coppertown Red

What if you could take a drug and experience the senses of a werewolf? Would you? The strength, the heightened awareness and the primal drive… But what if it attracted the attention of a real werewolf? A popular radio host is killed on-air, a secretive pack leads an ominous existence outside of town and a group of hunters quietly searches for answers. But none of them is ready to face the beast that waits deeper in the woods and that’s only the beginning of the hell that Coppertown will face.

Author Rob Pegler takes us on a journey that alternately explores the human side of what it means to be a werewolf and the primal, animal side that tears through when the moon is full.

“COPPERTOWN RED is a gory, thrilling, action-packed roller coaster of a novel that kept me turning the pages until very late at night. The characters are strong in this werewolf novel, and the finale is about as scary as you can get. I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it, and I cannot wait for the second novel in the trilogy. Rob Pegler is an author to watch. I dare you to stop reading after the first three chapters.”
—William D. Carl, author of Bestial