Black Fox In Thin Places

Author Scathe meic Beorh takes us on the Tolkien-esque adventures of Sionnach Varela, a 17th Century Irish girl who seemingly stumbles upon a noble denizen of that country’s most famous folk, the Sidhe. Both charming and harrowing, stories are told that coalesce into rights of passage, tests of mettle, and ultimately, the tale of her possible destiny should she live to meet it! Perfectly balancing the charm of green meadows with the dread of haunted passages and the thrill and horror of battle, BLACK FOX IN THIN PLACES is a work of beauty and a tale for the ages. What becomes of an Irish girl who meets beings magical, witnesses ancient history played out before her, befriends ghosts and is shown a destiny to match the greatest of all Celtic heroes? Live Sionnach’s adventures in the beautifully written BLACK FOX IN THIN PLACES to find out!