Hello Hunters,

Emby’s world is filled with monsters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a darkened corner where at least one monster couldn’t be hiding, and the spookier the forest or more broke-down the house, the more my imagination turns to what could be lurking there.

Naturally, I figured that the rest of the world felt the same way and desperately craved more stories about monsters, monster hunters, ghosts and the like. Emby Press was created to satisfy that craving.

As every monster hunter knows, it takes a team and plenty of backup to succeed and publishing is no different. When you read an Emby book, you’re looking at the combined talents of an amazing editorial staff. Christine Page, Josh Reynolds, Thom Brannan, and Gary Buettner all take turns making these stories the best that they can be.

You are also staring at killer cover art by Conspiracy Digital Arts and Brian P. Easton, and as you flip the pages, appreciating the formatting and typesetting magic of BBeBooks. And lest you doubted for even a moment, every one of these folks has monster stories deep in their blood.

We publish anthologies and novels, both in traditional print and ebook formats. Emby revels in monsters, monster-hunting, ghost stories and other facets of the occult and supernatural. When you boil it all down, Emby is for all of the monster kids, the ghost hunters and anyone who ever heard a bump in the night and liked it.

Welcome to Emby!

Miles Boothe