My Schedule Is Like A Good Ol’ Boy’s Pickup

Beat all to hell my schedule is: dented and scratched, sometimes it starts and sometimes it don’t, thrashed, trashed and on occasion, sour-mashed. But when she runs, she runs well. And lately, she’s been running pretty well.

The edits for Occult Detective Monster Hunter Vol. II are finished and all authors will have theirs by the end of this weekend. If all goes well, we’ll see it printed in July.

Vol. I has finally made it onto Amazon and is available in Kindle format, Trade Paperback and Hardcover. Payments and author copies will begin going out next week.

Doomsday and The Good Fight are in the can and going through final formatting before being released. They’ll be ready anytime now and I will, of course, announce when they are available. The Kindle version drops first with dead-tree versions to follow, hopefully more quickly than the last few releases, but Lightning Source/Ingram and Amazon do their work in strange ways these days.

The Dark Monocle, Leviathan and Reconstructing The Monster will follow for summer releases.

The Ghost Papers plan has folks confused and I am directly to blame for that – it started as one anthology and developed into a 4 book series due to the number of stories that have been submitted. I have not finished choosing the stories for each and if you have not received an acceptance or a pass, your story is still being considered! Vol. II acceptances will go out soon and I will announce the date as soon as I have zeroed in on it.

As always, I am happy to read for early decisions. I absolutely understand the author’s need to shop work and I support that. On the same hand, I’ve decided to curate the collection myself instead of hiring editorial assistance, simply because I have an idea and vision for this series that would impinge on an editor’s free-hand to do their job. Nobody wants to work like that and I won’t ask them to, so please be patient and keep your spirits up as this series comes together.

I am admittedly behind on reading for Revolver and Wasteland. I will announce the accepted stories for both of these books in mid-June, as soon as I have a few other projects wrapped. I will also leave novel and MHQ submissions closed until I have finished with the slush pile that came in like last winter’s snow, fast and heavy.

All of this is to say that the monster hunting business is good and that time is the greatest resource one could wish for.

We’re in a bit of a horror renaissance my friends, and between television and film, pop-culture and literature, our favorite genre and sub-genres are receiving more attention than they have in years and it’s absolutely intoxicating. It makes us all want to write.

There are other Emby projects afoot, which will be announced in due order. There are Emby authors returning with sequels and new authors ready to debut. Emby Kids will see some exciting titles released this year and that shared universe project I’ve been teasing is mere moments from (seems like we’ve waited a CENTURY for it) being ready to open.

That’s about it from the campfire. As always, I’m easy to contact through the website or on facebook, so please don’t ever hesitate to do so.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new releases as they come out and for any demons that need vanquishing – this seems to be shaping up to be a bad year for ‘em.