If A Website Is Hacked On The Internet And No One Is There To Hear It, Does It Make Any Noise?

And the answer is yes! Although the noise does actually occur after the hacking and I’d like to go ahead and apologize for the profanity laden curses that have disturbed so many over these last days. The well trained ear of the author will have recognized the agony and frustration in those raging curses and said to themselves “hark, that’s the sound of a writer or publisher battling with a hacked website!” – but to the untrained ears of non-writers and small children, these cries in the night can be truly terrifying.

A great deal of that frustration has been due to the fact that even as one problem has been repaired, another instantly pops up like some insane version of whack-a-mole.

The Contact page is back up. I know that this worried a few folks who are not on Facebook, so please know that it was only a glitch!

The book details (submission guidelines and descriptions) are being restored.

New books are being added and a new Schedule page is being put together so that you can swing by anytime (well, anytime the site hasn’t been hacked…) and check on the progress of the book you are in or waiting for.

Fortifications have been made to prevent this sort of thing from happening again (although I am much handier with traditional methods of battle and admittedly do not enjoy digital versions).

News for Help for the Haunted and October House is forthcoming.

Stay tuned for updates.

Boothe out.