I Like My Update Like I Like My Martinis

Fast and dirty. This is more of a drive-by update than anything else, so hang on to the bar near the roof:

October House and Help for the Haunted have been released into the wild and are ready for your reading pleasure. Check them out on Amazon.

Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests Vol. I is finished and will pop-up for sale by mid-week with the usual first appearance in Kindle format, followed by the trade paperback and hardcover versions. Editing has commenced on Vol. II and authors will be receiving stories for review.

Galleys for LOTMH VII: Doomsday, Steampunk Monster Hunter: The Dark Monocle & Superhero Monster Hunter: The Good Fight are being prepped and will fly to authors as they are finished.

And, this site does now seem to be working. I’d like to think that it will continue to do so, but in the event that something else goes awry, it will be repaired in due haste, so no worries.

On that note, you can check on the progress of any and all anthologies at any time by clicking on the “Book Release Schedule” link.

You’ll also see a new link for an author blog roll, so if you appear in any of Emby’s works (or have been chosen to appear) hit me with a link by email or Facebook and I’ll post it.

The Monster Hunting Quarterly link is being updated as well with new stuff and upcoming release dates!

One other note for folks who submitted stories for The Ghost Papers project: there will be three more rounds of choosing stories for the next three volumes. If you have a story submitted, you will absolutely receive an yea or new, so please don’t worry. It’s not the usual selection process to be certain, but it’s going to be an amazing series. I’ll have cover peeks for the 3 other covers soon. As always, if you need an early decision, email me or hit me on Facebook.

Now back to galley construction!