Blood Trails is a few edits away…

DOOMSDAY will follow shortly, and after that DARK MONOCLE is up to bat.

The delays have been a mix of the usual publishing hold-ups combined with a few unexpected outbreaks and invasions that only Emby is qualified to handle. I won’t bore you with details, but I’m not ashamed to try and make up for it by offering hardback copies of all of these books in addition to the usual trade paperback and ebook volumes.

Leviathan and The Good Fight are closed to submissions. There were more than a few subs come over the transom so I’ll announce the ToC’s for both on May 31st by 8 pm. EST.

Promotions are what Emby has in store for this summer, and I’ll be kicking off the first taste next week. The Emby Fur & Fang giveaway will commence on Monday, May 5th, and will feature paperback copies of Scott M. Baker’s The Vampire Hunters & Rob Pegler’s Coppertown Red . I’ll do ebook copies as well.

Following that, Emby is getting ready for Josh Reynold’s second volume in the The Adventures of the Royal Occultist series. The Jade Suit of Death is on the way and if you were wanting rune-engraved demons, impossible odds against St. Cyprian and utter kick-assness from Gallowglass, you’re in luck, because that’s what you’re going to get.

You’re also going to get a Tim Prasil collection.

You’re set to read more from Baker, Pegler and Beorh…

…But Beorh will be debuting the Emby Kids imprint. MG and YA titles are important to the career of any monster hunter and Emby has searched for the perfect titles to present to this market.

There is more and there are others, so look for them. Everything will be announced here.

Keep fighting the monsters.