The Dark Monocle

Reading for the Steampunk Monster Hunter – The Dark Monocle has been an amazing experience. I love the stories posted below. But. I also loved some of the stories I had to turn down, but for various reasons, could not include in this volume. To al of the authors that submitted, I say thank you, and to those who do not see their stories on the list below, there will be more Steampunk volumes in the future.

But for now, I present:

Steampunk Monster Hunter – The Dark Monocle

1. “Blessings and Contracts” by Tarl Hoch
2. “Wolf’s Tooth” by J. Matthew Saunders
3. “The Last Bullet” by Angeline Trevena
4. “The Hagenwood Beast” by Matt Betts
5. “Mr. Penderghast’s Private Collection” by Rachel Anding
6. “Monster of Industry” by Jonathan Templar
7. “Hunting Ground” by Sergio Palumbo
8. “The Chilling Case of Iresmarsche” by James Fadeley
9. “New World Monsters” by H.J. Hill
10. “Middle Ground” by Darin Kennedy
11. “The Sewers of Paris” by DJ Tyrer
12. “Dolls in the Works” by Rafaela F. Ferraz
13. “The Case of the Clockwork Dragon in the Crescent City” by Rachel A. Brune
14. “Like Clockwork” by Marc Sorondo
15. “Spirits of the Season” by John A. McColley
16. “Monocling the Ghost of the Zombie Vampire, My Love” by Johannes Pinter
17. “Indigo Alyeska” by Rhonda Eikamp
18. “Plague Ship” by K.C. Shaw
19. “Mr. Brass and the Lonely Cry of the Moon” by Josh Reynolds
20. “The Lord of the Manor” by C. Deskin Rink

Congratulations to the authors! This is going to be an amazing book!