The Royal Occultist Novel Arrives!

It’s been an exciting fall for Emby Press! In addition to the anthologies that are being produced, Emby has released into the wild our first two novels.

The first involves a name most of you will recognize: Charles St. Cyprian, Royal Occultist. I’ve been a fan of Josh Reynold’s creation ever since I read The Artist As Wolf for the first monster hunter book, and I am thrilled to be able to present this novel. Picture a 1920’s London, a death cult bent on bringing back London’s most famous killer and a seance gone horribly wrong, unleashing a spirit to wash the streets in blood… But it’s not what you think – it’s much, much worse. St. Cyprian and Gallowglass are the only hope London has, but will pentacles, sharp blades and sharper wits be enough to stop the killer?

The Adventures of the Royal Occultist Book I: The Whitechapel Demon is a must read for fans of Occult Detective fiction, and if you find the idea of a character part James Bond, part Sherlock Holmes and part Merlin interesting, then you’ll go ahead and take your socks off before you read this so that you don’t lose them.

The book (and all books) will be available in print and as an e-book and will be popping up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords as it is processed by each retailer. I’ll post the links on the book page as they go live.

The second book is a jewel that I have had the great fortune to come across. Black Fox In Thin Places is set in 17th Century Ireland and tells the story of a young woman who seemingly bumps into a noble of the Unseelie Court, only to find out that there are no coincidences and that adventures both magnificent and harrowing await her. But, this book is so much more than that and fits into the Emby world in a very important way…

Scathe meic Beorh’s prose has a classic feel to it and readers will immediately feel the difference between this book and modern YA fare, recalling the works of Tolkien, Lewis and Carroll. His attention to detail in recounting myth and lore is immaculate and his settings and characters are rich enough to captivate from the start.

I say that this book plays an important role the Emby world, and that is because it is an amazingly high-quality YA title. Yes, there are monsters hunted. But, that theme plays a minor role to a much larger tale that presents both horror and adventure in the best ways. I don’t know a writer who doesn’t have a “special” list of books that meant everything to them as kids, and one of my goals is for Emby to bring books like this to our kids. Black Fox In Thin Places is the first of those books.

There are more novels coming!

This winter will begin the re-release of Scott Baker’s The Vampire Hunters, with book I scheduled for January and books II & III coming soon. As the title implies, this is straight-up monster hunting of the first order. I also have a werewolf novel coming your way, but more about that when the time is right.

And, the anthologies are coming! As Emby has come together, I have shifted the release schedules a bit to maximize exposure for all of the books. As soon as Use Enough Gun was released, I realized that I had nothing to follow it up with for months afterward, thus nothing to keep the monster hunter’s focus on Emby. I hazily corrected this and re-scheduled the releases of the new anthologies as follows:

Both Barrels will be released just before Christmas.
Blood Trails will be released in January.
Doomsday will be released in February.
The Dark Monocle will be released in April.

Blood Trails and Doomsday are in production and edited stories are being sent to all authors for approval, so keep an eye on your inbox.

There are anthologies open for submissions and several more to be announced including an Occult Detective Monster Hunter, Myth & Legend Monster Hunter, The Emby Book of Ghosts, and The Secret History of Monster Hunters, along with the sequels to Blood Trails and Doomsday.

All in all, things are busy and it’s a very, very good time to be a monster hunter!

I’ll have another update to post in the next couple of weeks, along with the release date for Both Barrels. Until then, please enjoy the new novels!